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DMC services to leave a lasting impact on your audience.
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Imagine a seesaw. On one side, event experience. On the other, environmentalism. The higher one of them gets, the lower the other. Imagine trying to find a balance. That’s how the MICE industry works. Or is it?

You want your event to be perfect. Memorable, professional, trouble-free. You want your colleagues to connect, your budget to be well-spent, the overall experience to be spoken of. You might be thinking it can’t be all those things and be sustainable at the same time.

Well, it can. And it can be even more.

Now, imagine us deconstructing the seesaw. Then rebuild the whole concept, piece by piece. For us, sustainability is the base, firm as a rock, making it possible for us to reach a new high. With your event, too.

That’s how we work.

Work with us

The 7 piers of sustainable
destination management

HighVibes | The 7 pillars of sustainable destination management - Think global, act local


Think global, act local

We know how to choose local and seasonal resources for your zero footprint catering, we know the best hotels, suppliers, partners and venues. Just as we know everything about the international meeting industry trends, employee experience and building your brand’s image. We can be your tour guide while keeping in mind who you are.

HighVibes | The 7 pillars of sustainable destination management - It all starts with planning


It all starts with planning

We’ll make sure your event is sustainable by planning ahead. Catering, programs, travelling, waste-management and every other little detail have to remain in the loop. We are working circularly, while keeping the 5R of sustainability (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot) in mind.

HighVibes | The 7 pillars of sustainable destination management - A green venue does half the work


A green venue does half the work

If you choose a location that’s already operating sustainably, you’re already halfway there! A green venue and an open-minded staff can save you a load of resources. No matter if you’re planning a press conference, a meeting, a workshop, a teambuilding or a gala dinner, we’ll find the perfect eco-friendly venue or green hotel for you.

Highvibes | The 7 pillars of sustainable destination management - Spend some quality team time


Spend some quality team time

With our professional network all you have to care about is to learn and connect while having fun! Budapest is the best place to build your team. We provide flawless tech and audio-visual services for your meetings, training, conference or workshop. We offer wonderful stage productions, guided sightseeings, fam trips, incentive tours, and nightlife programs. We can also support your branding goals by educating your guests about sustainability.

HighVibes | The 7 pillars of sustainable destination management - Sustainable catering services


Carbon-footprint? Zero!

Sustainable events don’t mean walking all day. We encourage you to use electric cars when possible, and you can always offset your carbon footprint with WWF. But if you’d like something adventurous and sustainable, we’ve got you covered! Have you ever travelled with your team in your own train wagon while playing detective-games, just like in an Agatha Christie movie? Make a memory rather than just transporting!

HighVibes | The 7 pillars of sustainable destination management - Carbon-footprint? Zero!


Sustainable catering services

When organising the catering for your event, we compose the menu with special care. We consider seasonality, choose local ingredients and you’ll offer your guests vegetarian and vegan options. They’ll be happy to get tableware made of porcelain, glass and metal, so much fancier than plastic and paper options! With precise planning you can minimise foodwaste. Remember, the best waste is the one you’ve prevented.

HighVibes | The 7 pillars of sustainable destination management - Branding & Styling


Branding & Styling

Outdoor locations have a naturally fresh energy to make your team building or family day delightful without any manufactured decoration. Greenery is bringing a sense of calmness inside as well. Let’s create an inspiring environment with stylish decorations! Furniture, textile and partitions are rented. Branding tools are digitised and made by a creative team to support your brand image and make your event truly remarkable.


Meet your team

If you want to make sure your event is going to be exquisite, organised smoothly, quickly and with care, you’ve found your team. With decade-long experience and a broad network of like-minded meetings industry professionals we can ensure you’ll have a remarkable experience in Hungary.

When you need local guides, transportation coordinators, environmental engineers, creators, innovators, professionals, party planners, quizmasters or even body painters, we’ll be there. We know every place you have to see, every partner worth working with, every possibility to go green, every chance to connect.

Let us show you how you can live Budapest to the fullest, while keeping your footprint the smallest.

Panka Körmendy
+36 70 572 3839

Events we’re proud of

HighVibes Budapest | SEON. Fraud Fighters, Team Building
HighVibes Budapest | SEON

SEON. Fraud Fighters, Team Building

In a real diverse agenda for a modern start-up community it is almost a must to offer an artisan program. We organised a team building event for 250 young developers from all around the world, specialised in cyber-risk management, with various different elements, such as sports, games, talks and yes, embroidery.

HighVibes Budapest | Bethesda Hospital, Charity Gala
HighVibes Budapest | Bethesda Hospital

Bethesda Hospital, Charity Gala

A charity auction for the Bethesda Children’s Hospital where we provided our best asset: professional support to make the event astonishing and carbon-neutralised. One of our most moving projects, rewarded with a Marketing Diamond Award by the Hungarian Marketing Association.

HighVibes Budaoest | Volkswagen, Caddy California product demonstration
HighVibes Budapest | Volkswagen

Volkswagen, Caddy California product demonstration

Caddy California is not just a van for modern part-time hippies. It’s a lifestyle. We made sure that every element of the product demonstration event radiates this feeling of freedom. Eating great food, listening to the fire’s rustling, having meaningful conversations under the starry night. High vibes, right?

HighVibes Budapest | Syngenta Group, Sport day
HighVibes Budapest | Syngenta Group

Syngenta Group, Sport day

We brought summertime lake-side to Budapest for a team building event for around 100 people who arrived from Geneva to Hungary to spend a few days in the heart of Europe. The client asked for an active, sporty event, where they can let the healthy competitive spirit out of the bottle.

HighVibes Budapest | Fundamenta, Day of Success
HighVibes Budapest | Fundamenta

Fundamenta, Day of Success

The greatest award ceremony we’ve ever organised (or witnessed). With 800 sales representatives we really had to go monumental. The participants filled a sports hall and so did the stage production: among others, we worked with Smarteq, one of the most innovative technical companies in Hungary, to create a spectacular laser-show to keep guests entertained.

HighVibes Budapest | Saubermacher, Opening Ceremony
HighVibes Budapest | Saubermacher

Saubermacher, Opening Ceremony

The international waste-management company just reached a huge milestone when opening their new recycling facility - and we were there to make the ceremony an outstanding get-together. We still like to think about the time we made top managers in suits to grab a shovel and plant some trees!

HighVibes Budapest | HBM, Awards & Breakfast
HighVibes Budapest | HBM

HBM, Awards & Breakfast

Sustainability is an important value for the construction company. That’s why we worked together on their award ceremony, where education played an important role too. The same amount of green elements left unnoticed, as many food went to waste: zero.

HighVibes Budapest | Wienerberger, Christmas Party
HighVibes Budapest | Wienerberger

Wienerberger, Christmas Party

Nothing embellishes a glamorous Christmas Party better than Hotel Hilton. No other decorations needed. Catering made green, food waste minimised, energy consumption neutralised. Now, that is a merry Christmas!

HighVibes Budapest | Budapest Airport, Party for Santa Claus
HighVibes Budapest | Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport, Party for Santa Claus

Santa arrived in Hungary by air and we threw a party for him right there at Budapest Airport! Charming event branding tools, fluffy beanbags and a little bit of digital magic made the event jolly for the kids, the parents and for the client.

HighVibes Budapest | CraftHub, Tech conference
HighVibes Budapest | CraftHub

CraftHub, Tech conference

We designed stage views for a huge tech conference for CraftHub. The client asked for a visual that emphasises the theme of the conferences without dominating the stage where the presentations took place. So, we did exactly that!

HighVibes Budapest | Boehringer Ingelheim, BIO medical conference
HighVibes Budapest | Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim, BIO medical conference

A two-day long medical conference for 120 delegates, which required high-quality services, suitable accommodation, flawless technology, smooth transportation and precise timing. We created an inspirational and tranquil space for sharing the newest medical practices and having meaningful conversations.


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Tips on organising an event, that is truly sustainable

We can no longer shrug our shoulders and look away from the giant pile of waste corporate events left behind and say “everybody does it.” Not only because we are all responsible for our planet, or because guests, millennial and gen Z buyers and workers demand us to stand up straight.

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UNICEO Meetup: “An event must make an impact”

Impact. If there’s one word that sums up the panel discussion on CSR and sustainability at the last UNICEO Leaders Meeting, or rather the whole event, it’s impact. We have an impact on each other, and our environment has an impact on us. The panel discussion provided an opportunity for us to stop for a moment, look into the future together and think about what’s next for the industry.

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