Volkswagen, Caddy California press conference

Caddy California is not just a van for modern part-time hippies. It’s a lifestyle. We made sure that every element of the product demonstration event radiates this feeling of freedom. Eating great food, listening to the fire’s rustling, having meaningful conversations under the starry night.

HighVibes Budaoest | Volkswagen, Caddy California product demonstration

The project

When you think of Volkswagen, you think of youthfulness, elegance, modernisation, and nostalgia. Do they seem incompatible? Well, nothing proves it better than the new Caddy California. The Commercial Vehicles division of Volkswagen entrusted us with organising an exciting press conference for their new models.

The Caddy California is not just an everyday utility vehicle; it’s a lifestyle. We aimed to ensure that every event element embodied the freedom of modern camper van travel, which is different from the classic T1 but still captures the van-life essence.

HighVibes_VW_press conference

The client wanted a nature-inspired event where Hungarian automotive journalists could get to know their latest models up close: the Transporter 6.1 California, the successor to the Transporter that has already conquered the world as a camper van and the newest and most “livable” member of the Caddy family, the Caddy California.

The California is designed for hikers, anglers, camping enthusiasts, and nature lovers who don’t mind being away from home at night. The five-seater model’s rear can be converted into a bedroom, and it features a mini-kitchen, dining area, and storage space in the trunk. However, the model remains within the dimensions of a regular passenger car. With its pull-out bed and built-in mini stove, and numerous small but useful solutions such as blackout blinds and removable ventilation grilles, the model makes camping a pleasant experience. The T6.1 California model with four sleeping places is ideal for those travelling with a larger group.

We had to organise an event that combined practical comfort and modern technological solutions with the feeling of free camper van travel.

HighVibes_VW_press conference

The solution – Hippie village with a modern touch

We chose the Plus 52 Event & Gastro Hall in Etyek as the venue. The environment offered the perfect combination of naturalism and elegance, while the relaxed evening grilling session took the participants on an authentic culinary journey.

HighVibes_VW_press conference

For the decorations, we opted for elements reminiscent of campfire evenings. During the daylight hours, the models took the spotlight. But in the evening, lanterns took over, creating the kind of conversation that can only happen around a real campfire. Our client even brought their own T1, further enhancing the atmosphere of the decorations!

The result

What started as a press conference became a friendly gathering that lasted all night.

Nothing showcases the success of an event better than the transformation from work to super fun. This is the kind of success we take pride in within our industry.