SEON. Fraud Fighters, Team Building

In a real diverse agenda for a modern start-up community it is almost a must to offer an artisan program. We organised a team building event for 250 young developers from all around the world, specialised in cyber-risk management, with various different elements, such as sports, games, talks and yes, embroidery.

HighVibes Budapest | SEON. Fraud Fighters, Team Building

SEON Technologies is a Hungarian startup recognized twice as one of the most promising fintech companies before expanding its operations and opening a new office in London. It’s no coincidence that we enjoyed working with them so much! Although their business focus – on fraud prevention systems – may seem different at first glance, their values and business model, driven by a good cause, align with ours in many ways. We organized an all-staff teambuilding event for this innovative, international, and dynamic company, which turned out to be just as modern, energetic, and exciting as the brand itself.


The project

SEON contacted us for assistance in organizing a teambuilding day as part of their week-long all-staff event. They were looking for a suitable venue and program ideas to cater to the diverse community of employees from different cultures and personalities. They wanted to end the week with a big celebration and a full day of activities.

Thus, the Fraud Fighter Fest was born.


The task

We had to incorporate the company’s friendly and casual atmosphere into the event. Our goal was to fill an entire day with a mix of informal conversations, sports activities, relaxation time, and indoor and outdoor elements, allowing everyone to find activities that suited their preferences and providing opportunities for employees to get to know each other, including their international colleagues.


Considering the startup’s employees are mostly young, we tailored the event concept, activities, and menu to their average age. We’ve offered a variety of dietary, vegetarian and vegan options too.


The team building event’s participants came from different countries and cultures, so all programs had to be language-friendly. We had approximately two weeks to organize a full-day event for 250 attendees. The tight timeline required us to respond quickly and find solutions to any needs that arose during the planning process.


We took over the venue the night before the event, and the guests arrived by nine in the morning.

Thanks to our solid professional and supplier relationships, we solved every challenge, even those with seemingly impossible deadlines. We are grateful to our entire community for their support!

The event

We suggested the Eiffel Workshop as the venue. The building houses two historic train stations and a type 301 steam locomotive. And we had a reason to do so.HighVibes_SEON_Team_building

The atmosphere of railway stations is unparalleled: cultures merge, different people come together, encounters and the excitement of travel intertwine, destinations vary, and openness to new things prevails. We froze the moment of arrival in a new place for one day. With its matching program offerings, this venue provided everything needed for a comfortable living space, connections, and creativity, including the possibility of stepping out of one’s comfort zone.


The team building event venue allowed everyone to showcase their strengths, gain insight into their colleagues’ values, and discover new things. The venue’s various rooms and spaces contributed to the diversity of the program. Physical activities were offered through outdoor sports options, entertainment through games, community building through social programs, and relaxation through a hidden oasis chill zone on the upper floor.

We reimagined the industrial environment and created a sleek, diverse space. Guests played badminton and climbed walls on outdoor and indoor sports courts, conversed in vintage train cars evoking elegance from bygone eras, and enjoyed food and drinks at large and small tables. We also celebrated the company’s successes in the screening room.



Our favourite spot was the oasis, where people could play board games, relax on sun loungers, gather around the ping-pong table, and enjoy the embrace of lush plants. We loved Fankapanka’s embroidery workshop, where guests could create unique embroideries. They enjoyed it so much!

It was a pleasure to experience a fresh and contemporary startup from within. To witness the positive and meaningful dialogues between the founders and the SEON team. A truly exemplary unit of around 300 employees.