Budapest Airport, Party for Santa Claus

Santa arrived in Hungary by air and we threw a party for him right there at Budapest Airport! Charming event branding tools, fluffy beanbags and a little bit of digital magic made the event jolly for the kids, the parents and for the client.

HighVibes Budapest | Budapest Airport, Party for Santa Claus

We organised a special Santa Claus Party for over 300 children with the “Journey to the North Pole” theme for Budapest Airport. The event occurred at Terminal 1, which we transformed into the North Pole.

The concept of the event was supported by unique creatives, creating an authentic North Pole atmosphere for the children. They received a travel passport that allowed them to reach Santa Claus! Along the way, they collected stamps at various stations, where numerous exciting activities awaited them – they had so much fun while learning about sustainable activities! There was pebble painting, Christmas tree and elf making from pinecones, angel making from straw, memory games, skill-based and craft activities, a green screen Frozen-themed photo booth and a giant inflatable castle.


With our graphic design team, we’ve created a unique image for the event.

The event aimed to get children on an exciting journey and get to know Santa Claus better. After they collected enough stamps, they could meet him in person and learn about his life at the North Pole, experiencing the thrilling adventures that await there!

The stage program also captivated the participants. They enjoyed a magical fairy tale play performed by children, who ultimately summoned Santa Claus, who distributed gifts to everyone.


A “micro magician” was present, performing unique tricks individually among the children, making the experience even more special.


The Santa Claus Party also featured a baby corner where the youngest ones found suitable activities for them.

The catering service at the event also impressed the children with its delightful offerings, further enhancing their joy and excitement.


The Budapest Airport, Santa Claus Party, provided a unique experience for over 300 children. The “Journey to the North Pole” concept and the array of exciting activities made this magical event truly memorable. We’re sure the participants will cherish the memories for a long time to come. See you all there next year!