Syngenta Services Teambuilding, Budapest tour

Two separate teams simultaneously embarked on a city sightseeing adventure, exploring the historical landmarks of Budapest and engaging in exciting challenges.

HighVibes I Buda Castle

Teambuilding in Budapest: fun activities are essential to fostering collaboration and enhancing communication among colleagues. We’ve organised a two-in-one tour for Syngenta Services. Two separate teams simultaneously embarked on a city sightseeing adventure, exploring the historical landmarks and engaging in exciting challenges. With one team starting from the Várkert Bazár in Buda and the other from Deák Square in Pest, this unique experience brought together Hungarian and international colleagues for a day filled with fun and bonding.

Discovering the Buda Castle District

The Buda team started their journey from the enchanting Várkert Bazár. Led by an English-speaking guide, they embarked on a guided tour through the entire Buda Castle District, immersing themselves in the rich history and breathtaking views. Equipped with tablets, each team member received a set of tasks to complete, guiding them through various stops and must-see landmarks along the way.

The tablets provided a dynamic and interactive experience, encouraging the participants to work together, solve puzzles, and navigate the historic district. Completing the challenges taught them about famous sites and strengthened their teamwork and problem-solving skills.


Exploring the Historical City Centre

Meanwhile, the Pest team was divided into two groups, starting their adventure from Deák Square, the heart of Budapest. Their mission was to reach the renowned Rézkakas Bistro, located in the centre of Pest. This leg of the activity involved a mini-competition between the two sub-teams, adding an element of excitement and friendly rivalry to the experience.

As they embarked on their journey, the participants explored the authentic historical city centre of Pest, uncovering its remarkable landmarks and hidden gems through a series of engaging tasks. From solving riddles to completing challenges, the Pest team deepened their knowledge of the city’s history while fostering camaraderie within their respective groups. After completing the activities, the teams reconvened for a shared dinner, allowing them to exchange stories, reflect on their experiences, and celebrate their achievements. This shared meal created a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, allowing colleagues to connect more personally, irrespective of their nationalities.