Bethesda Hospital, Charity Gala

A charity auction for the Bethesda Children’s Hospital where we provided our best asset: professional support to make the event astonishing and carbon-neutralised. One of our most moving projects, rewarded with a Marketing Diamond Award by the Hungarian Marketing Association.

HighVibes Budapest | Bethesda Hospital, Charity Gala

The Bethesda Children’s Hospital gala united 150 individuals dedicated to supporting a worthy cause. The event was made possible by the collective efforts of a passionate community. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who contributed.

The gala held in the Hungarian House of Music was a shining example of effective collaboration and meticulous planning that pro bono projects always show. The tireless work of the UNICEO working group that we were part of made it possible to create the event’s base, and we ensured that every aspect of the gala was executed flawlessly. All expertise was instrumental in creating an unforgettable experience and collecting valuable charity for the hospital.


Gábor Gundel-Takács served as the host and auctioneer, while Vera Harcsa provided the entertainment. Concurrently, a silent auction took place. The hospital featured various programs guests could bid on, choosing from a catalogue. It was not a traditional auction with valuable artworks but rather a means of supporting different hospital initiatives. Such as an evening of support for a mother in the hospital, a mini horse therapy program for a young child, and a healing sound bath are even more valuable. Bidders eagerly engaged in the auction, demonstrating their commitment to making a difference.


The stage came alive with captivating performances by artists associated with the hospital and inspiring patients. Their talents and stories touched the hearts of all attendees, adding depth and meaning to the gala. These heartfelt moments served as a reminder of the incredible resilience and strength within the hospital community.

HighVibes_Bethesda_charity gala

We provided our expertise to support the event and enthusiastically embraced sustainable solutions and carbon footprint reduction, which we incorporated into our communication efforts. 

We are honoured to announce that the Bethesda Children’s Hospital gala has been awarded the prestigious Diamond Award at the Marketing Diamond Awards ceremony. This recognition is a testament to the community’s collective dedication and impact.


The charity gala served as a testament to the power of collaboration. The generosity of individuals who dedicated their time and resources to make a positive difference. By combining our knowledge and skills, we created a memorable and impactful event that raised funds and showcased the importance of community support for such a crucial institution. The contributions, whether big or small, have left an indelible mark on the Bethesda Children’s Hospital and the lives it touches. Together, we have demonstrated the power of compassion and community and are truly grateful for that. Watch a video of the event here!