HighVibes Budapest | Green hotels and guest houses

Green hotels for multi-day events

Finding the right venue for an overnight company retreat, conference or other corporate event can be quite a challenge, especially when comfort and sustainability are both priorities. Here are our top recommendations in Hungary.

Guest houses

Szőlőskert / Vineyard Inn & Restaurant

This restaurant-cum-guest house in Nagykanizsa serves excellent buffet breakfast and seasonal dishes from fresh, local ingredients in lovely surroundings.

HighVibes Budapest | Szőlőskert / Vineyard Inn & Restaurant


Hegyhát – Izmény Guest House

This peaceful guest house in Southern Hungary is an ideal location for corporate family weekends, children’s day activities or perhaps a relaxing team-building retreat. The menu features their own-grown fruit and veg, eggs from the chickens in the guest house’s petting zoo, plus organic and local ingredients.

HighVibes Budapest | Hegyhát - Izmény Guest House

HighVibes Budapest | Hegyhát - Izmény Guest House


Kilátó Guest House

Barbecue and open fire cooking, walks and wine tasting – a team-building trip that everyone is bound to enjoy! Meaning “lookout” in Hungarian, the guest house is tucked away in the small village of Cserdi, offering vegetarian and vegan options as well as plenty of natural beauty around.

HighVibes Budapest | Kilátó Guest House



Sustainability at hotels can be tricky. They’re rarely located in a small village, let alone in the middle of a forest, nor do they normally have their own chickens, grow their own fruit trees or compost. That said, hotels can still be green. The Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants Association has been awarding the “Green Hotel” title since 1993, applying strict criteria in the selection process. Below are a few of our favourites from the 2021-2022 awardees.


Intercity Hotel

A hotel that’s sustainable to the core. The lobby’s lichen wall, wooden furniture and green plants, naturally illuminated by skylights, all wonderfully capture the essence of this carefully designed and maintained building in Budapest.

HighVibes Budapest | Intercity Hotel


Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermal & Wellness

Perfect for 200-plus conferences and family days, Balneo Hotel in Mezőkövesd complements corporate events with culinary and wellness experiences, plus a diverse activity offering.

HighVibes Budapest | Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermal & Wellness

HighVibes Budapest | Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermal & Wellness


Hotel Sopron

Not only does this hotel encourage staff to be more sustainable but also strives to educate guests. Located in Sopron’s old town, it’s easy to reach and offers plenty to do nearby. After a long day, treat yourselves to a memorable dinner – or why not wind down in the wellness area? When it comes to the conference room, the hotel is also open to any ideas.

HighVibes Budapest | Hotel Sopron


Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

A luxury hotel in the bustling centre of the Hungarian capital, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus makes sure that sustainability is not a luxury. In a bid to reduce waste, Kempinski Hotel is paperless, among other things.

HighVibes Budapest | Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

HighVibes Budapest | Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest


Hunguest Hotels

These hotels, all committed to sustainability, are dotted across the country with huge events and conference spaces, plus green practices including the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and selective waste collection.

HighVibes Budapest | Hunguest Hotels


Sástó Hotel, Mátrafüred

Sástó Hotel participates in frog-saving efforts, harvests rainwater and recycles everything it can. It offers conference and wellness facilities, but you can also camp on its grounds.

HighVibes Budapest | Sástó Hotel, Mátrafüred