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Sustainable event venues in Hungary

When planning a green event, choosing a sustainable event venue is just as important as arranging the catering or deciding on the decor. We’ve collected some of the places we trust to deliver the highest standards our clients expect while being environmentally conscious through and through.

Sustainable event venues: What makes them green?

When it comes to sustainability, different interpretations and definitions abound. We believe in a three-pillar approach, where environmental, social and economic impacts are all considered holistically to produce the greenest results. And that’s how we choose our sustainable event venues too.



Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources may form a key part of sustainability, but venues that weren’t originally created with these in mind can only introduce advanced energy solutions in small steps – and at big costs. It’s also important to re-examine water and waste management from an environmental perspective.


Social responsibility

Every business, including restaurants and hotels, bears responsibility for the social impact of its activities. A sustainable company keeps in mind the interests of its local community and proactively participates in communal life, too. This includes implementing investments and initiatives that create real value for the locals as well as being an ethical employer who provides fair pay, adequate working conditions, continuous development opportunities and appreciation for its employees.


Economic aspects

As an economic operator, a sustainable hospitality business should support local producers and farms by using seasonal, locally produced ingredients in its menu as much as possible. Not only does this reduce its carbon footprint but also fosters community partnerships.


No two events are the same

Every event requires a tailored approach. In fact, different types of events can be like chalk and cheese when it comes to sustainability. For example, zero waste principles may be built into a festival even at the cost of comfort, as guests can voluntarily choose greener solutions. Yet, quality and convenience can never be compromised at a corporate event, where participants aren’t (and can’t be) expected to see environmental friendliness as a top priority and give up on the standards they’re used to. The same goes for weddings and other family gatherings.

Admittedly, finding a sustainable location in Hungary for smaller, more intimate events is easier. You can choose from a wide range of apartments and small, family-run guesthouses in the countryside, many of which were founded with a focus on green objectives. Thanks to their size and specialised character, these event venues and accommodation providers can more easily satisfy criteria such as the use of seasonal, local ingredients or reducing food waste.

Larger hotels must meet a number of regulations and requirements, so they have less flexibility. In Hungary, the term “green hotel” is often applied without merit – not washing guests’ towels daily is sadly just a drop in the ocean. Offering services like free bike rental may also have an ulterior motive: it earns the hotel points, which then translate into stars in the international rating system.


Event venues we trust

Below we’ve put together a list of places whose owners are truly committed to sustainability. Whether you’re looking for a venue for a press conference, a meet-up or a partner event, we’ve got you covered, from atmospheric gardens to sumptuous event halls. Although, if you need a hotel for multi-day events, check out this article!


Larus Event & Catering, Budapest

Larus event centre, surrounded by a large park with trees and a vineyard, can accommodate up to 700 people. It’s been awarded Sustainable Restaurant certification by the Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative for striving to find the best solution in all three pillars of sustainability. It has its own herb garden, laundry room and even a drain water heat recovery system, plus it works closely together with local producers.

HighVibes Budapest | Larus Event & Catering_Sustainable Event Venues


Czakó Garden, Budapest

Czakó Garden tries its best to be as green as possible, but it also allows others to follow suit – literally. It hosts a farmers’ market every weekend, allowing local producers to sell their fresh ingredients directly to customers.

HighVibes Budapest | Czakó Garden_Sustainable Event Venues



Although located in Budapest’s centre, this restaurant’s far from the noise of the city. Its garden is a true oasis, with the conservatory being the restaurant’s pride and joy, while the interior is elegantly modest.

HighVibes Budapest | Jardinette_Sustainable Event Venues


KIOSK Budapest

Kiosk’s spacious and contemporary interior, featuring natural materials, transports you into the wild. Being close to nature is not just a design element. The company has also come up with creative ways to fight food waste.

HighVibes Budapest | KIOSK_Sustainable Event Venues


Botanical Garden / Hernyák Estate Etyek

The large Botanical Garden, the beautiful event venue of Hernyák Estate in the Etyek wine region, is green inside out. You can’t help but take really long, deep breaths at the sight of so many plants! The visionary owners have created a self-sustaining farm and vineyard. They collaborate with local winemakers, use renewable energy, compost and serve healthy, chemical-free food straight from their organic farm.

HighVibes Budapest | Botanical Garden / Hernyák Estate_Sustainable Event Venues


Saliris Resort, Egerszalók

The vast Saliris Resort in Egerszalók, famous for its thermal water and salt hill, is an orderly and elegant affair. Its sustainability goes well beyond not washing towels daily. This hotel takes being green very seriously from energy consumption through maintaining biodiversity to water management.


La Contessa Castle Hotel and Event Centre, Szilvásvárad

Located in the Bükk Mountains, the lavish La Contessa Castle Hotel treats energy efficiency as a top priority. The hotel is perfect for those looking to wind down in nature. Also an ideal location for corporate events.

HighVibes Budapest | La Contessa Castle Hotel and Event Centre


Royal Club Hotel Visegrád

The hotel standing in the beautiful Danube Bend has recently been awarded the prestigious “Green Hotel” title by the Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants Association for the second time. It emphasises sustainable water, waste and energy management and educating the public.

HighVibes Budapest | Royal Club Hotel Visegrád


For more sustainable event venues and hospitality businesses, head to our partner’s website, Heroes of Responsible Dining (Felelős Gasztrohős).