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Tips on organising an event, that is truly sustainable

We can no longer shrug our shoulders and look away from the giant pile of waste corporate events left behind and say “everybody does it.” Not only because we are all responsible for our planet, or because guests, millennial and gen Z buyers and workers demand us to stand up straight.

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UNICEO Meetup: “An event must make an impact”

Impact. If there’s one word that sums up the panel discussion on CSR and sustainability at the last UNICEO Leaders Meeting, or rather the whole event, it’s impact. We have an impact on each other, and our environment has an impact on us. The panel discussion provided an opportunity for us to stop for a moment, look into the future together and think about what’s next for the industry.

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Sustainable event venues in Hungary

When planning a sustainable event, choosing the right venue is just as important as arranging the catering or deciding on the decor. We’ve collected some of the places we trust to deliver the highest standards our clients expect while being environmentally conscious through and through.

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