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Teambuilding in Budapest: 3 programs, teams love

Teambuildings are not just fun: cohesion, trust and shared memories establish an efficient work together. But yes, they’re also fun.

Every team is different, so we are not saying that these programs are the ultimate solutions to make every single company double their sales in the next two months. But we’ve had quite a few teambuilding events in Budapest already, and these 5 programs have always made people smile while working together with their mates and forgetting everyday problems for a few hours.

Let your team have fun and bond on an incentive trip or a personalized teambuilding event in Budapest! We guarantee they’ll appreciate it.

1. Live foosball

Or any well-known game in a large, human-sized version. It’s better than football because people don’t have to run that much, and everyone has their own role – which they physically can’t be removed from until the end of the match.

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2. Kiteboarding or sailing

Hungary has lots of natural waters. If your team would like to rest and spend a day in a spa, there are several to choose from – although you’ll probably choose Széchenyi Spa. Because it looks like this:

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(And because there are private rooms you can rent. And a so-called SPARTY night. Also, an amazing history. Anyway, drop us a line if you want to visit it.)

But for sporty teams who love challenges, we recommend a dragon boat tour on the River Danube or sailing on Lake Balaton! The first is about hard work with great rewards; the second is more like a fancy waterside party that you can call “ a sporty day”.

3. Cooking with a star chef

Hungarian cuisine is a love or hate – lots of paprika, spices and meat. Naturally, we offer vegan versions of this program, and the menu is always carefully planned. We are working with local and seasonal ingredients. Luckily the country has many superfoods! Vegetables, grains and great wines match the gourmet tastes provided by our star chef, Zsófi Mautner.

+1: This is the favourite of one of our senior event managers: A mindful embroidery workshop! A program your guests won’t forget.

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