Wienerberger, Christmas Party

Nothing embellishes a glamorous Christmas Party better than Hotel Hilton. No other decorations needed. Catering made green, food waste minimised, energy consumption neutralised. Now, that is a merry Christmas!

HighVibes Budapest | Wienerberger, Christmas Party

In the spirit of joy and camaraderie, in 2022, we organised a fun Christmas party for Wienerberger, a highly esteemed company in the construction industry. This special event held a significant meaning for the employees as it replaced their postponed Christmas party the year before due to the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The anticipation and heartfelt emotions were palpable as colleagues finally had the opportunity to come together and celebrate.


Our primary objective was to create an intimate and memorable gathering for the Wienerberger team whilst preserving the formal frames. Considering the scale of the event, with hundreds of attendees, striking the perfect balance between creating an intimate atmosphere and maintaining a sense of formality posed a unique challenge. To accomplish this, we carefully curated a few select programs to foster a sense of togetherness and festive spirit among colleagues.

The event occurred at the exquisite Hilton Hotel, nestled in the heart of Buda Castle, renowned for its premium high-end offerings. As guests arrived from various parts of the country, we ensured their convenience by arranging bus transportation, accommodating over 300 attendees. With its grandeur and elegance, the picturesque location set the stage for an enchanting evening filled with laughter and merriment.


A vibrant green box photo wall was set up to capture the festive spirit and create lasting memories. This interactive feature allowed guests to strike poses against various backgrounds, creating personalised snapshots of the joyous occasion. The photo wall served as a delightful reminder of the shared experiences and celebrations.

Amidst the festivities, we took a moment to recognise and applaud the many jubilees within the Wienerberger team. These deserving individuals were acknowledged for their dedication, commitment, and years of service, underscoring the company’s appreciation for their contributions. Witnessing the pride and happiness radiating from these honoured employees as their achievements were celebrated was heartwarming.

Ultimately, the evening aimed to unite people in the spirit of Christmas, fostering unity and celebrating shared successes.

The Wienerberger Christmas party was a resounding success, beautifully capturing the essence of the festive season and the joy of being together again.